Post covid rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and the Post-Acute COVID-19 Rehabilitation Phase

  1. Physiotherapists are instrumental in the rehabilitation of patients as they transition from the acute phase to the post-acute phase.
  2. The consequences of COVID-19 will be specific in each individual and their rehabilitation needs will be specific to these consequences such as:
    • Long term ventilation
    • Immobilisation
    • Deconditioning
    • Related impairments – respiratory, neurological, musculoskeletal
  3. COVID-19 patients will often present with pre-existing comorbidities and this must be taken into consideration in the rehabilitation plan for the patient. Physiotherapists working across various disciplines should work together and draw on the expertise of each other.

The transition from the acute to the post-acute phase needs to be supported through service delivery pathways and the multidisciplinary team will be key to this.

COVID-19 Patient Presentation in the Rehabilitation Unit

Factors to consider in creating a rehabilitation plan for survivors of COVID-19 include

  • Comorbidities
  • Direct lung trauma
  • Injuries to other organs and systems due to COVID-19