Shoulder/elbow/wrist pain


Did you know?

  • Your shoulder is prone to injury because it’s one of the most mobile joints in your body.
  • Conditions like tennis elbow and golfer’s wrist make it painfully clear that repetitive movements can cause problems over time.
  • Long hours typing can cause an injury in your elbow or wrist.


In many cases, pain in your shoulder, elbow or wrist can be caused by a problem ‘further up the chain’.

Shoulder pain can stem from your neck and, similarly, an injury or problem in your shoulder can have a nasty flow on effect to your elbow, wrist or hand.

An example of this is how a compressed ulnar nerve in your elbow can cause pins and needles or numbness in your fingers.



When you come to our clinic, your physiotherapist will get to know your history and take you through a thorough assessment process to get to the cause of your pain.

We may suggest an x-ray or other type of scan.

Once we have an accurate picture of your condition we:

  • Talk to you about the best treatment options
  • Create a personalised rehabilitation program
  • Suggest exercises for you to do at home, and
  • Give you strategies to manage and minimise your pain.

When it comes to your wrist or hand, early treatment is vital to avoid long-term pain and injury.

  • If a fracture is present, a splint or cast can protect the injury.
  • Gentle rehabilitation to regain movement and flexibility.
  • Education around rest breaks, stretching and gripping technique.
  • We’ll suggest simple lifestyle changes to help in the long-term management of your condition.